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Thank you for visiting our website...
we appreciate your interest, and are glad that you stopped by!

Thank all of you who attended our Annual Meeting and Picnic
Sunday afternoon at the home of Sally Horntvedt...the food
and music was absolutely wonderful! At least 50 people attended.
Thanks to Dr. Vera Ilyushina, Javier Schirmer, Kerrigan Mandrell,
and Madeline Chen for presenting an outstanding musical program! AND, Thanks to Sally again for hosting this event!

Executive Board members were presented, voted on and
unanimously approved. The 2018-2019 slate is listed below:
President------------------------Jerome (Jerry) Juchelka
Exec. Vice President-----------------Herbert Buffington
VP of Membership--------------------------Judy Chandler
VP of Programs----------------------------Kevin Pritchett
VP of Scholarship-------------------------------Jenny Ham
VP of Finance--------------------------------Linwood Keith
VP of Publicity & Promotion-------------Frank Tichenor
Historian-----------------------------------Grace Sanders*
Corresponding Secretary-----Jo Ann Bowdoin-Aynsley
Recording Secretary---------------------Linda Wickham
Parliamentarian-----------Jenny Ham & Mary Ann Hill
NOTE: All past presidents are standing members of the
Executive Board

Committee Chair Positions - appointed and not subject
to board member vote:
Telephone-------------------------------------Betty Arden
Concert Programs and Newsletters---Fred Rodriguez
Patron's Circle-------------------------------Fay Selvage
Hospitality----------Betty Anne Bell & Lou McCreary
(will assist but not chair)
Website Coordinator--------------------Eugene Sanders
Legal Counsel-----------------------Jonathan E. Jarrell
Special Events---------------------------------Trevin Dye

* Grace Sanders was accidentally left off of the
Board positions, but she will remain in this role.

Also, It was discussed after the meeting that
Jo Ann Bowdoin-Aynsley would be corresponding
secretary instead of Jenny Ham.


Yours for great music,
The Pro-Mozart Society of Atlanta
Kevin Pritchett, VP of Programs
and Co-VP of Scholarship


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